Wednesday, 22 June 2016

It’s here: Bing Ads Editor for Mac launches in beta

After years of waiting, Mac users finally get a native desktop editor for Bing Ads with all the features of the PC version.

Bing Ads Editor (BAE) for Mac has long been the most highly requested feature on the Bing Ads user forum. Mac users got word in November that Bing Ads had started work on the Mac version for release in early summer 2016, and here we are.
The team announced the beta version is available in the US at SMX Advanced in Seattle on Wednesday. The Mac version has parity with the PC version of Bing Ads Editor, which underwent a redesign in May, gaining processing speed, multiple-account sign-in and cross-account cut-and-paste, among other features. The high speed was one thing I noticed immediately while testing BAE for Mac this week.
Here’s a look at the main campaign editing interface. You’ll notice the layout is similar to AdWords Editor 11, with vertical navigation in the lower left column.